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Air Pollution in Tehran Causes over 4000 Deaths a Year


The mayor of Tehran, Piruz Hanachi, said that in 2015 over four thousand residents of Tehran lost their lives due to high air pollution.

On Tuesday, he reported that Tehran’s hazardous airborne particles amount is 3.5 times the air quality guidelines of WHO, and in 2015, despite the decrease compared to the previous year, it took the lives of 4573 people.

In October, WHO released its annual report and on the list of cities with the most polluted air, Tehran was ranked seventh, after Jakarta.

The mayor also reported that 1200 people each year die in accidents in Tehran, and that 9.3 percent of residents suffer from diabetes but half of them are not aware of the problem.

According to the statistics, 20 percent of Tehran residents are overweight, with women 1.7 percent more than men.

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