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Iran expanded its petrochemical and gasoline exports in 2020, with its crude oil sanctioned by the United States. If a nuclear agreement is reached, Iran can further increase exports.
17 Sep 2021
Iran-backed forces are trying to storm the last Syrian rebel-held part of a city in the south of the country, resident say, while Russia has been trying to work out a deal.
29 Aug 2021
Facebook announced July 15 it had taken down about 200 accounts run by a group of hackers in Iran as part of a cyber-spying operation that targeted mostly U.S. military personnel.
15 Jul 2021
Iranian military and intelligence officials visiting Iraq have urged the proxy milita forces to keep up attacks on US forces until Washington decides to leave the region.
13 Jul 2021
The UN investigator on human rights in Iran called for an inquiry into state-ordered executions of thousands of political prisoners in 1988 and the role of President-elect Ebrahim Raisi.
29 Jun 2021
Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, resigned to the revival of JCPOA, are engaging with Tehran to contain tensions while lobbying for future their security concerns into account.
09 Jun 2021
In a shift, Iran has hand picked hundreds of trusted fighters from among the cadres of its most powerful militia in Iraq, forming smaller, elite and fiercely loyal factions.
21 May 2021
By imposing many terrorism sanction on Iranian entities, the Trump Administration has made it very hard for Biden to offer concessions to Tehran, without triggering domestic opposition.
17 May 2021
Saudi Arabia and Iran plan further direct talks, Middle East officials and sources told Reuters, to ease tensions and find a solution for the conflict in Yemen.
21 Apr 2021
The European Union will target eight Iranian militia and police commanders and three state entities with sanctions over a deadly crackdown in November 2019, three diplomats said.
01 Apr 2021