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Attorney General Praises the 1980s Mass Executions of Dissidents

Mohammad Jafar Montazeri, Iran’s Attorney General calls the Judiciary’s treatment of dissidents in 1980s a golden page in the history of this branch.

He warned that the Judiciary is dedicated to standing against any movements that oppose the regime and the security of the country.

In a press conference, Montazeri praised Asadollah Lajevardi (Warden of Evin Prison and Attorney General of Tehran in the 1980s) for his vision and depth of wisdom against dissident groups like the MKO.

The mass executions of the 1980s have been regularly condemned inside and outside the country.

Montazeri also criticized the support of dissident groups by Europe and the U.S: “The legal power in Europe and the U.S is in the hands of those who support the MKO. For example, France considers itself the birthplace of freedom, but it has become a breeding ground for MKO.”

In response to the meeting between Women’s Rights Activist Masih Alinejad and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, Montazeri called Alinejad a “miserable bitch”, “disowned by her family”, and  “filthy corrupt individual”.

He also mentioned the issue of dual citizens and asked the intelligence organizations (Ministry of Intelligence, IRGC, and law enforcement) to “strongly combat the issue of infiltration”.

According to the documents, during the mass executions in the 1980s, over 15000 prisoners faced death squads in Iranian prisons.


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