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Ofcom Rejects Islamic Republic’s Complaint Against Iran International

Ofcom, UK media regulator, says Iran International’s coverage of Ahvaz attack was “clearly justified” and a “legitimate topic for discussion”, rejecting Iranian ambassador’s complaint.

The UK TV regulator Ofcom has completed an investigation into Iran International's coverage of an attack on a military parade in the city of Ahwaz in September last year – and found that the channel did not break any broadcast codes or regulations. It ruled that its news broadcasts, including an interview with an Al-Ahwaziya separatist, Ya'ghub Hor al-Tostari, were 'clearly justified' by the context of the story and its importance as a news event. Ofcom said the news was a 'legitimate topic' and the interview was balanced by the channel's coverage of condemnation of the attack.

A statement is on the Ofcom website today. Ofcom received four complaints, including one by the Iranian Ambassador in London, and it received media coverage internationally and in the Iranian state media. 

The Channel's Executive Editor of News, Aliasghar Ramezanpour, said: “Any website or media organization which does not remove misleading and defamatory coverage after today's ruling will now face legal action by Iran International. This is a crucial ruling for free coverage of events in Iran. Iran International has been at the forefront of providing balanced and impartial news for Farsi speakers in Iran and across the world. The complaint to Ofcom by the Ambassador shows the lengths to which the Tehran regime will go to suppress free speech.”

Ramezanpour added that Iran International has invited the Islamic Republic’s ambassador in London to discuss the Ofcom verdict on a program several times, but there has been no response.


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