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Prince Reza Pahlavi: Islamic Republic is an anti-Iranian occupying force

In a speech at the Hudson Institute on Wednesday, Prince Reza Pahlavi described the shooting of the Ukrainian passenger plane by the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) as the “latest example of the Islamic Republic’s crimes against humanity” and urged maximum pressure by the international community to remove the regime of Iran.

The former crown-prince of Iran said that the history of the regime’s terrorist activities goes back 40 years and the regime’s essence and its behavior have not changed.

He mentioned the “execution of civilians and members of military after the revolution, using children to clear minefields during the war with Iraq, execution of thousands of political prisoners in the 1980s, bombing of the Jewish center in Argentina,” and the attacks against the oil tankers and Saudi facilities as examples of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s terrorist behavior.

The prince also mentioned the suppression of student protests in the 1990s, suppression of protests and the Green Movement in the 2000s, and massacre of the protesters in several waves of protests in the 2010s, as examples of the regime’s acts against the people of Iran.

The son of the last shah of Iran said that if it wasn’t for the international pressure, or if it were a domestic flight, the Islamic Republic would not have accepted the responsibility.

Prince Reza Pahlavi also talked about the presence of the Quds Force of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) in other countries of the region including their support of Bashar Assad which led to the massacre of half a million Syrians.

He added: “This regime has shown a pattern of behavior and it insists on it.”

The prince criticized western countries for their periodic appeasement of the Islamic Republic, and said this regime is not “normal”, and negotiations without preconditions with it is in fact “supporting the oppressors and betraying the Iranian people”.

He described the regime as an anti-Iranian occupying force and said the Iranian people know that this regime is not irredeemable and must be overthrown.


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