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Iran International exclusive:

Prince Reza Pahlavi: People cannot take it anymore


In an exclusive interview with Iran International, the former crown prince of Iran, Reza Pahlavi, called on the Iranian people to continue their protest and stated that the main key to their success is “union and solidarity”.

On his role in the current events of Iran, the prince said: “My responsibility is no more or no less than any other Iranian. Because today we all must be in unison thinking about a better future.”

“It has reached a point that people cannot take it anymore. The key issue is to focus on the main objective. Unity and solidarity are the main ingredients of people’s success against this tyrannical regime,” Prince Reza Pahlavi continued.

He mentioned the regime’s tactics including “crackdown, shooting at the protesters, Internet blackout,” and said: “There are people inside and outside of the country who are busy day and night trying to find ways to address these issues and find practical solutions and appropriate tactics for each situation in different parts of the country.”

While referring to the history of the recent protests in Iran, Prince Reza Pahlavi pointed out: “The movements that started a few months ago and are now entering a new phase show that most of the demands and chants are similar in all corners of the country and this is a very good sign.”

He added: “I recently saw some videos that showed a good interaction between the people and the law enforcement. Meaning a discipline to avoid severe clashes and violence, so it keeps the door open for law enforcement to know that it is time for them to leave this regime and join the people.”

“This is not something that can be done overnight. It needs time. But the more this resistance continues, and the more people come to the streets, the regime will have less motive for suppression and will pay a much higher price for it,” said the prince.

Prince Reza Pahlavi urged the Iranian people “not to lose hope” and said: “They will be successful in the end. I never had any doubt. If they continue their resistance, sooner or later they will notice its impact in the regime’s behavior, especially in a non-violent transition from this regime, for which you need the law enforcement forces to join the people.”

Regarding people’s chants in the streets about him and his family, the prince said people’s kindness “overwhelms him” but added: “This is not about me and my family. The issue is still the freedom of the country and having a democratic state. Now if I and others can help in this matter, it is our national duty and responsibility.”

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