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U.N Condemns Iran for Severe Human Rights Violations

The general assembly of the United Nations condemned Iran’s widespread human rights violations and alarmingly high use of death sentence.

According to the reports, the Canada-drafted resolution was approved by 84 votes against 30, with 67 abstentions.

Most of Iran’s trade partners voted against the resolution, along with some neighbors such as Armenia, Afghanistan, and Iraq.

The resolution condemns the Islamic Republic for severe restriction of freedom of speech, thoughts, and religion.

The high number of executions, including the execution of underage children is another issue mentioned in the resolution. The Islamic Republic is also condemned for violating the rights and religious freedom of citizens and denying education from some religious minorities.

This is the first general assembly resolution condemning the Islamic Republic since the appointment of Javid Rahman as the special reporter on human rights in Iran. But the Islamic Republic was also condemned last year by the assembly for violations of human rights. 

The general assembly resolutions are mainly symbolic but important for the international image of the states.


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