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Christian convert assaulted and psychologically tortured in prison

Mary (formerly Fatemeh) Mohammadi, a former religious prisoner who was once again arrested and battered during the January protests in Iran, is still in prison and has been psychologically tortured by the security forces.

Mary Mohammadi is a Christian convert who was first arrested in 2018 for six months.

She was again arrested for participating in a gathering in protest to shooting down the Ukrainian plane by the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps. She was severely battered when being arrested, to a point that the marks were visible on her body three weeks after her arrest.

According to HRANA, the security forces put her through unconventional body search twice and forced her to take off all her clothes and do sit-ups several times in front of female agents. She was told that if she doesn’t take her clothes off voluntarily things would become much worse for her.

While taking her to prison from jail, the agents cross-handcuffed Mary and another female prisoner together and would push them forward.

For several days after her arrest, her family was unaware of her whereabouts and it was only after Mary’s indictment that they were informed.


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