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Activists Hold Press Conference In Germany On Human Rights In Iran

Four Iranian-German political and civil rights activists held a press conference to provide a report about the human rights situation in Iran under the Islamic Republic and called for global support and solidarity with popular movements in Iran.

Author and researcher Navid Kermani, author and translator Bahman Niroumand, artist and activist Parastou Forouhar, and actor Mariam Zareie held this press conference on Thursday in Berlin.

According to Iran International’s reporter, the four activists will also meet with the President of Germany and will talk with foreign ministry officials and the office of the German chancellor.

In an interview with Iran International, Omid Nouripour, the foreign policy spokesperson for the German Green Party said his party will work with other parties in the parliament to keep human rights violations in Iran on their agendas. He announced the Green party is trying to get the German parliament to condemn human rights violations in Iran.

According to Nouripour, a plan has also been drafted to follow the human rights conditions in Iran and there are talks with the German government over its implementation plan.

Nouripour had previously pointed out the arrests of British, American, and dual citizens in Iran in order to put pressure on these governments and said the arrest of a German citizen recently means the Islamic Republic has put Germany in the same category as those countries and does not treat Germany in a distinct or different way.

The German government has announced that Nahid Taghavi and three other German Iranian citizens are currently imprisoned in Iran. Nahid Taghavi was arrested almost two months ago at her home in Tehran, but there is no information about the other three.

Previously, the German newspaper Express citing German national security officials reported that Germany is looking for “an Islamic Republic spy” who has also been charged with the rape of a schoolgirl, in order to put pressure on the Iranian regime for the release of Taghavi.

Last month, in an open letter to the president of Iran, 38 members of the German parliament demanded the release of the human rights advocate and attorney Nasrin Sotoudeh. Claudia Roth, a member of the Green party and one of the vice presidents of the German parliament was the author of the letter.

Last month, the German Foreign Ministry advised Iranian-German citizens to avoid unnecessary travel to Iran.

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