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Family of murdered protester demand prosecution of murderers

The family of Arsham Ebrahimi, the 21-year-old man killed in recent country-wide protests in Iran, has demanded the prosecution of those responsible for his murder.

Arsham’s uncle, Behzad Ebrahimi, told Iran International that the family was not aware of his death for four days, and was shocked to hear about it. He also said the security forces resisted giving back Arsham’s body.

Arsham was hit by a direct bullet and died from blood loss in the hospital.

Ebrahimi continued: “The security forces told us we have orders to bury Arsham’s body at night in Rezvan cemetery.”

In response to the comments made by the Islamic Republic officials calling the protesters “thugs” and “Agitators”, Arsham’s uncle also mentioned that he and Arsham’s father both fought in the Iran-Iraq war, and said: “If we really are the thugs and agitators, then you (the regime) have already lost everything. What have you done with the country?

According to Ebrahimi, after strong efforts by the family, the officials released Arsham’s body to the family with the condition that he would be buried quickly at night with the presence of four security forces.

Arsham’s uncle added: “I don’t know how my brother and his family will be able to bear this tragedy.”

He also mentioned a letter signed by a group of Iran-Iraq war veterans demanding the prosecution of the person or people responsible for Arsham’s murder.

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