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Floods in Khuzestan and Hormozgan provinces leave one dead and 1000 displaced

According to the reports, heavy rain in some areas in Khuzestan and Hormozgan provinces has left at least one child dead and over 1000 displaced.

The chairman of Iran’s Crisis Management Organization told Fars News on Friday that one child has died in Hormozgan province and roads to 10 villages have been blocked.

 The governor of Hormozgan told the reporters that the recent heavy rain in Hormozgan province has been unprecedented and it has caused over 500 billion tomans in damages.

The chairman of the Red Crescent in Khuzestan province announced that six emergency camps have been set up for the displaced citizens in Abadan, Ahvaz, and Karoun and they are accommodating 1039 people.

Due to the rain and flooding on Monday, four women in the ICU of Khomeini Hospital in Ahvaz city died after the power outage and equipment failure.


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