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Iran’s Interior Minister: We also shot protesters in the legs, not just heads

In a meeting with Iranian MPs, Iran’s Interior Minister, Abdolreza Rahmani Fazli, did not deny that security forces shot protesters in the head during the crackdown on recent protests in Iran.

In an interview with the Iranian website Emtedad, Mahmood Sadeghi, a member of Iran’s parliament, recalled a meeting between Iran's Interior Minister, Rahmani Fazli and Iranian MPs. Sadeghi, who has signed a petition for the impeachment of Rahmani Fazli, recalled that the minister was asked if security forces shot protesters in the head because it was not possible to shoot them below the waist. In answer to this question, Rahmani Fazli responded: “Well! Protesters were shot in the legs as well.”

Further in the same interview, Sadeghi affirmed that it is said that the recent protests were dealt with in 48 hours. He noted that the method of resolution of the protests in this instance involved a lot of shooting and lives lost.

He added: “To deal with such instances, you must first allow people to express themselves. The protesters were reacting to a very unprofessional and sudden decision.”

Sadeghi additionally reported that he pointed out the fact that the Interior Minister was looking at the social and economic issues from a national security perspective.

The recent Iran protests were sparked by a hike in petrol prices, and were violently suppressed by Iranian security forces. Reports state that hundreds of protesters were killed and approximately eight thousand were arrested, but the Iranian government has yet to announce precise numbers.

In a report published on Monday, Amnesty International confirmed that, according to its own sources, hundreds of protesters had been arrested in an additional crackdown following the protests. The NGO warned that these detainees face the risk of torture.

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