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Khamenei: We will not negotiate over regime’s honor and military power

In a speech on Wednesday, Ali Khamenei, the leader of the Islamic Republic stated: “We will not negotiate over regime’s honor. We will not negotiate over military capabilities.”

Khamenei said: “Regarding the controversy over the negotiation which foreigners and propagandists are talking about, what they mean by “getting back to the negotiation table” is not negotiation itself; they mean negotiation with the United States; otherwise we don’t have a problem negotiating with others or Europeans.”

The leader of Islamic Republic emphasized: “In negotiation with others and the Europeans, our issue is choosing the subject. We will not negotiate over our honor. We will not negotiate over military capabilities. What they mean by negotiation here, is a deal. Meaning (we should) compromise on our defensive capabilities.”

Ali Khamenei continued: “Negotiation over these issues is two words: They say we want this, and we say no.”

He added: “So what they mean by negotiation, is negotiation with America, regarding which we said we will not do. Because not only it has no benefits, it is actually harmful.”

Khamenei had previously stated that negotiations are poison in these conditions and that “Iranian people’s final decision in facing the enemy, is resistance in every field.”

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