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Persecution and harassment of families of the victims of November protests


As the Internet shuts down and security atmosphere intensifies in several cities in Iran, reports indicate that family members of several victims of November protests have been harassed and even arrested in order to cancel the memorials of their loved ones.

Shahnaz Akmali, the mother of Mostafa Kamalbeigi, one of the protesters killed last year published a text on her Instagram page that said security and judicial officials have ordered her to cancel her call for participation in a memorial for the victims of November protests.

Akmali and other parents of the victims of the Islamic Republic had called for people’s participation in a memorial for the victims of the November protests.

After the announcement, it was reported that Akmali’s daughter was threatened by the security forces that a case has been opened on both of them.

Meanwhile, on Monday, security forces rushed the house of Pouya Bakhtiari, another young protester killed during the protests, and arrested his parents and several of his relatives including his grandfather and infant relatives.

Bakhtiari’s family was supposed to hold a memorial for him at the cemetery.

Some social media activists reported that they have been called by security forces and warned not to do anything in relation to the memorials.

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