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President Rouhani’s office reaction to Iran International’s exclusive report

Alireza Moezzi, President Rouhani’s deputy of communications described Iran International’s exclusive report from the Supreme National Security Council meeting as “psychological warfare”.

On Thursday, Iran International received a report from its reliable sources that stated during a Supreme National Security Council meeting, President Rouhani said even if “two to two and a half million people die” the government cannot shut down the country due to these economic conditions.

In response to the report, Moezzi tweeted: “There were no meetings of the Supreme National Security Council last week.”

He went on to say: “It is clear that any report from a session that was not held is obviously a lie.” To which Iran International responded: “Mr. Moezzi, isn’t it strange that the session was held this week in Saad Abad castle with representatives of IRGC, the Army, security and economic organizations, and the Minister of Health, presided by President Rouhani, with the topic of economic security in the fight against coronavirus and assessment of its economic-security impacts, and you are unaware of it?”

According to the report that Iran International received, President Rouhani emphasized in that meeting that “if we shut down businesses, after a while we will face 30 million hungry people protesting in the streets.”

The sources told Iran International that Rouhani also opposed shutting down schools and universities until the end of this school year.

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