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Prison and Flogging for “Cat Eye” and “Donkey Ear” Plastic Surgeries

The spokesperson for the judicial and legal committee of the Islamic Consultative Assembly (Islamic Republic parliament) announced that some plastic surgeries might lead to a sentence of 10 to 2 months of incarceration or 74 lashes.

Hassan Noroozi told the Khaneh Mellat website that plastic surgeries such as “artificial iris implants, permanent change of eye color to colors like red, and unconventional surgeries known as cat eye or donkey ears” fit the article 638 of the Islamic criminal law and are considered a “criminal act”. According to Noroozi, these surgeries cause “changes in the human body” and “distortion of society” and therefore they are forbidden.

According to this representative, “both the person who demands these criminal operations and the surgeon who performs or facilitates them will be punished.”

Based on article 638 of the Islamic criminal law, any person who “publicly does a Haram (forbidden in religion) act will receive a sentence of 10 to 2 months in prison or 74 lashes, even if the act is not a crime, but it offends the public sensibility.”



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