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Rouhani: We Have Improved in Every Field Since the Pahlavi Regime

During the rally for the anniversary of the Islamic Revolution, Hassan Rouhani, the president of the Islamic Republic, said that the Islamic Republic will not ask for permission from anyone when it comes to developing its missile program. In his speech, Rouhani compared the current condition of Iran with the previous regime, and concluded that Iran has been more successful in the distribution of gas and electricity, agricultural products, social justice, and taking care of the deprived groups.

Highlights of Rouhani’s speech:

  • We will not ask for permission from anyone for developing our missiles, and never will.
  • If our revolution was National instead of Islamic, the regime would definitely not be able to handle the pressures.
  • Today we have true democracy and free political parties in our society.
  • Political parties and the press are free in our country. The officials should be more patient when it comes to elections.
  • All of our agricultural products in 1979 was 26 million tons, and now it is five times that number.
  • We have a high level of social prosperity.
  • We are number one in producing electricity in the region.
  • Iran’s role in the region has increased more than ever.
  • We continue on our path to women’s rights, youth, ethnicities, and minority rights.
  • Islam has given women a high status and today we have more women in management than ever before.
  • We will control the water crisis and the environmental crisis.
  • We will not allow the U.S to win.
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