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Threat of legal action against Iran International for covering MKO event

According to Islamic Republic’s semi-official Mehr News Agency, a number of family members of alleged victims of terror in Iran have written a letter to the judiciary threatening legal action against Iran International for broadcasting the MKO’s assembly. 

The signatories claim to be “part of the large family of 17000 victims of terrorism in Iran whose fathers or children have been killed by MKO.”

The letter claims Iran International’s coverage of the MKO event is a blunt and clear support of a violent group and announced that they claim the right to take legal action against Iran International

Mojahedin Khalgh Organization (MKO) is an Iranian dissident group that was on the terror list in the US and some other countries for assassinating Islamic Republic officials. MKO also bombed the assembly of the Islamic Republic Party in 1981 which killed dozens of party members including the former president and prime minister of Iran. 

MKO was removed from the terror list years ago.

The Islamic Republic has repeatedly attempted to organize terrorist attacks on MKO’s annual assemblies in Europe. Several agents and diplomats of the Islamic Republic have been arrested in Europe for the attempted bombing of the events.

Iran International is committed to cover all Iranian political groups and factions. In the past three years, since Iran International started its work, the MKO annual assembly has been covered each year and each time it has received backlash from the Islamic Republic. 


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