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13 Human Rights organizations demand sanctions on IRIB executives and hosts

In a letter to the EU council, 13 Human Rights and Civil Rights organizations expressed concerns about the increasing and systemic use of forced TV confessions of the dissident and Human Rights advocates by the Islamic Republic of Iran.

The letter, published on Thursday, asks the European Union Council to take restrictive measures against the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting and its executives and hosts for their role in recording and broadcasting forced confessions.

The letter states that the IRIB has become a tool for the security and judiciary forces and since 2009 at least 355 forced confessions have been broadcasted on state-TV.

These Human Rights organizations add: “In recent years, the confessions of the victims of forced confessions and the systemic pattern of forced confessions have indicated close cooperation between IRIB officials and the security forces.”

They continue to say that these Human Rights violations have intensified after the November protests in Iran, to a point that since the protests the regime has broadcasted at least 22 forced confessions from the state-TV.

The signatories underlined the role of the "20:30" program on channel 2 and demanded sanctions against seven IRIB executives and 20:30 showrunners.

The organizations demanded sanctions on the president of IRIB Abdul-Ali Asgari, the political deputy of IRIB Majid Akhoundi, and the president of channel 2, Mohammad Reza Jafari Jelveh. They also called for the sanctions of Ameneh-Sadat Zabihpour, Ali Rezvani, Yousef Salami, and Hamid Emami, four hosts of the 20:30 show.



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