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Brian Hook: 30 countries have agreed to join US-led coalition in Persian Gulf

The Special Representative for Iran at US State Department, Brian Hook, announced today that 30 countries have agreed to join the US-led coalition to protect maritime security in the Persian Gulf.

While mentioning that over a quarter of world’s oil passes through the Persian Gulf, Hook announced the United States’ willingness to share intelligence with the beneficiaries of maritime security.

He also reminded the world of the sabotage attacks against oil tankers in recent months and once again stated that the regime of Iran uses its oil revenue to fund its terrorist activities and missile program.

Hook declared that the goal of US maximum pressure campaign is to make Iran pay a heavy price for its behavior. He also accused Mohammad Javad Zarif of lying to the world about the Islamic Republic’s true intentions.

Highlights of Hook’s press conference:

  • We have asked all the governments to block all Iranian tankers and do not allow them to drop anchor. If you are a crewmember of a tanker that carries Iranian oil, you are included in criminal and immigration sanctions.
  • Recent reports show that Iran’s oil export has dropped under 100 thousand barrels per day (BPD). IRGC and its Quds force use oil revenue to destabilize the Middle East.
  • Iran’s institutions are weaker than 2.5 years ago. Iran’s military budget in President Trump’s second year has dropped by 28 percent. In March, Hassan Nasrallah, the leader of Hezbollah called for fundraising because he no longer has the financial resource he used to. Iran’s inflation has skyrocketed and reached to almost 50 percent. This is the result of corruption and Marxist economy that keeps the people weak.
  • Their security concerns are made of their own delusions. I don’t understand why the biggest state sponsor of terrorism is concerned about its own security.
  • I have not witnessed a case where INSTEX violates US sanctions. Iran is not an important market for Europe. We saw hundreds of European companies terminating their investments in Iran after US sanctions.
  • Iran has no intention of clarifying its finances because they want to continue their money laundering.
  • Over 30 countries have agreed to join the US-led coalition in the Persian Gulf to protect freedom of navigation
  •  The UN Security Council stated in the nuclear agreement that Iran does not have the right to enrich Uranium. This was ignored in the JCPOA.
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