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Families of victims are against Iran leading the investigation

France has analyzed the black boxes of the Ukrainian plane


France has announced that the review and analysis of the data from the two black boxes of the Ukrainian plane that was shot down by Iran's IRGC have finished after four days.

The French office of aviation safety investigation which oversaw the data analysis told Iran International that based on international aviation laws, the timing and method of releasing the results of these investigations are decided by Iran.

The families of the victims of the Ukrainian plane are against Iran leading the investigation. The families emphasized that the international law that states the country where the accident occurred must lead the investigation is not fair, and it has not taken into account that the country where the accident occurred could be the culprit.

“The law has never assumed the country of occurrence could be the criminal! It never considered the fact that in a dictatorship, people's lives are the last thing to think about and if necessary can be sacrificed for political reasons” the families’ Twitter account (PS752Justice) said.

Previously, Canadian Transportation Safety Board chair Kathy Fox told Iran International that even if Canada was in charge of the investigations, the families would still not be involved.

Fox said the International Civilian Aviation Organization has more authority to pressure Iran and lead an independent investigation.

The representatives of other countries involved, including Canada, the UK, and Sweden will be indirectly involved and informed during the process.

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