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An Iranian IRGC Commander Killed In Drone Attack In Syria

One of the commanders of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) was killed in a drone attack on the border of Iraq and Syria.

According to Reuters, Iraqi security officials and local militia reported that a drone attack has killed an IRGC commander on the border of Iraq and Syria. The sources were not able to identify the commander, but they said he was killed along with three other people riding in the same vehicle with him.

Previously Iraqi and Arab media reported that IRGC commander Muslim Shahdan was killed in a drone bombing along with three other people.

Arab sources said the vehicle of Muslim Shahdan and his companions was targeted while crossing the border from Iraq to Syria.

Two Iraqi officials also told Reuters that the vehicle was carrying weapons from Iraq to Syria when it was targeted. According to these officials, the Iran-backed Iraqi militia helped with retrieving the bodies, but they offered no further detail about the incident or its exact time.

It is possible that the name Muslim Shahdan could be an alias since there is no mention of such a commander in Iranian media before this incident.

The incident comes only a few days after the assassination of an IRGC official and the head of Iran’s nuclear defense Mohsen Fakhrizadeh in Tehran, for which Iran blames Israel.

In recent weeks Israel has performed many airstrikes against various targets in Syria, a large number of them were Iran-backed forces.

There were reports of 19 Iran-backed militia forces killed in an Israeli airstrike in Syria. According to Al-Arabiya, two of the militia forces killed were commanders.

Syria Human Rights Observatory has attributed two more airstrikes in recent weeks to Israel.

According to Al-Arabiya and Al-Hadath, the Israeli airstrike on Tuesday night in Syria targeted an Iranian shipment of money that was being delivered to Hezbollah of Lebanon.

According to the sources of these two Arabic channels, a money shipment from Iran to Hezbollah, sent from Tehran to Damascus using Fars Airline, was destroyed by the Israeli airstrike while being loaded from the plane onto the truck.


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