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IRGC shot not one, but two missiles at Ukrainian plane

New images show that the Ukrainian plane flight 752 with 176 passengers was attacked by two IRGC missiles with 30 seconds interval, and not as the Islamic Republic’s armed forces and commander of IRGC aerospace force had claimed, one missile.

After almost a week since the Ukrainian plane crash, and three days after the Staff of the Islamic Republic Armed Forces confirmed that the plane was targeted by the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) air defense system, the new video shows that the IRGC missile system has shot two missiles at the plane.

The video shows an earlier date, which is due to the fact that the computers in the base are not connected to the internet and their time has been adjusted to avoid update issues.

The video which has been confirmed by the New York Times which reported that the video has been recorded near the same IRGC missile system where Hassan Tehrani Moghaddam was killed in 2011 in an explosion.

The video shows a missile being shot at the plane, and 13 seconds later there is an explosion. Almost 30 seconds later another missile is hot at the plane, which 12 seconds later hits the target and causes another explosion.

The Islamic Republic officials have denied any secrecy about shooting down the plane, but the video seems to suggest that they have covered at least part of the truth.

The commander of IRGC aerospace force had reported that only one missile has been shot at the plane, which the video clearly refutes.


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