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Dalga Khatinoglu, oil, gas and Iran economic analyst

Dalga Khatinoglu

Oil, gas and Iran economic analyst
Iran has drastically reduced its gasoline exports in mid-2021 apparently to build up its strategic reserves after it aggressively exported the product in 2020 to generate hard currency.
19 Sep 2021
New figures published by the World Bank shows Iran's Gross Domestic Product (GDP) declined to $192 billion in 2020, compared with $445 billion in 2017.
09 Sep 2021
Iran has substantially increased the volume of its clandestine oil exports in 2021, without making much profit, as midllemen who seel the oil and import goods take hefty profits.
03 Sep 2021
Iran is bracing itself for a winter of power shortages and burning of highly polluting fuels for power generation. It faces a stark choice, electricity or clean air.
29 Aug 2021
While Iran has exported more oil in 2021, it has received less revenues in hard currency. The secret lies in the role of middlemen, who make huge profits from illicit exports.
23 Aug 2021