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Mardo Soghom

Editor, English Website
Many see IAEA's Rafael Grossi’s Tehran visit as a win-win for both sides, but in fact one can argue that Iran gave little away while it made potentially significant gains.
13 Sep 2021
The new Iranian government appears to be thinking to reduce multi-billion dollar fuel and food subsidies, replacing them with direct assistance only to needy groups.
07 Sep 2021
Iranian experts are concerned about less exports to Taliban-controlled Afghnaistan, which has been important for Iran amid economic isolation resulting from US sanctions.
03 Sep 2021
Iran's currency has fallen by 15 percent in the past two months and continues to decline fueling hyper-inflation. The intolerable rise in prices can lead to more protests.
26 Aug 2021
Iran can substantially boost its petrochemical production in the next six years with investments. The same is true about its oil sector, but a shift in its foreign policy is a prerequisit.
16 Aug 2021
High inflation, ranging from 50-60 percent in Iran has impoverished all wage earners who present a danger to the Islamic Republic system. Lifting US sanctions is the only option for Tehran.
08 Aug 2021
In his annual Hajj message, Iran's Khamenei repeats harsh attacks on the United States amid indirect talks with Washington and he signals no retreat from his regional policies.
19 Jul 2021
Although the US extended a waiver to use Iran's frozen funds to repay debt to South Korean and Japanese companies, no one in Tehran hopes to receive cash from the decision.
15 Jul 2021
Millions of tons of "essential goods" are stuck on cargo ships and in ports in Iran as importers are unable to get dollars from the government to pay foreign vendors.
13 Jul 2021
Iran's oil minister Bijan Zanganeh says his dream is to see Iran producing six million barrels of oil per day, but with lack of investments in the past that can be hardly achieved.
04 Jul 2021