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Ghasemi Claims IRGC Used Red Crescent as Cover in Bosnia; IRGC Denies

After a video went viral on social media in which Saeed Ghasemi, a retired Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps commander, stated that the IRGC was using Red Crescent (Iran’s equivalent of Red Cross) as a cover in Bosnia, the public relations office of the IRGC denied his claims and said they are “personal and not true”.

On Wednesday, April 17, Ramezan Sharif, the spokesperson for the IRGC stated that Saeed Ghasemi’s claims are personal and untrue and that IRGC does not approve of them.”

Sharif mentioned Ghasemi’s “volunteer” work in Bosnia and his retirement a few years ago and continued: “These types of comments by Mr. Ghasemi have precedents and the responsibility of these comments are on him.”

The IRGC Spokesman also warned Saeed Ghasemi and other retired members of IRGC to avoid “making irresponsible and untrue claims” and not to provide “excuse and tools” to the enemy.

Recently, in an interview with “Ru Dar Ru”, an online show, Ghasemi claimed that in the Bosnian war, “we were disguised as Red Crescent members while training Islamic warriors (mujahedin).”

Ghasemi goes on to say that other jihadi groups, including Al-Qaeda, entered Bosnia and “imitated our style”.

However, he does emphasize that American journalists have already delivered this information to the United States and there are books written about it.

Iran’s Red Crescent organization announced on Tuesday that it will bring a lawsuit against Ghasemi and that the organization never allows military forces to use its symbol and uniforms.


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