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Supreme Leader: Men Dancing for Men is Haram

In response to a question, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, the supreme leader of the Islamic Republic announced that “as a precaution, the act of men dancing for men is Haram.”

The question had asked: “what is the rule for the traditional local dances if men only dance for men and women dance for women?”

The Supreme leader of the Islamic Republic responded that as a precaution, the act of men dancing for other men is Haram, and if women’s dance for women is indicative of corruption, meaning a women’s gathering turning into a dance party, it is problematic, and the precaution is to avoid such situations. Also, if it causes lust and leads to a sinful act or if it is accompanied by another Haram act (such as Haram music or singing), or a stranger man is present, it is Haram as well.”


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