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Tickets sold to women for Iran-Cambodia football match

All the tickets allocated to women for the football match between Iran and Cambodia were sold online in a matter of minutes.

Sections A6 and A7 have been allocated for women in Azadi stadium which have all been sold out.

The decision to sell tickets to women came after FIFA issued a statement saying there should be no obstacle for women watching the games in the stadium and the ban on women entering the stadiums must be lifted.

Since all the tickets for women were sold in a matter of minutes and most tickets for men have not been sold yet, there have been rumors about more tickets being allocated to women.

According to state-owned IRNA: “The tickets were not offered selectively, and all women could buy them.”

In a previous match, in order to satisfy FIFA, the Islamic Republic had allowed female relatives of the authorities to enter the stadium.

The cultural deputy of Iran’s Football Federation announced that “1600 women will be watching this match from the stadium.”

Busses and parking spaces have been designated for women who come to the stadium. The busses will go to a different gate for women. The exact number of tickets that have been sold to the public as opposed to selectively is not yet clear.

Since the Islamic Revolution in Iran, the Islamic Republic has banned women from watching football matches in stadiums, even though there are no laws in the Islamic Republic’s constitution against it.

Recently, the suicide of a female football fan who was sentenced to 6 months in prison for watching a game in the stadium led to international outrage and FIFA’s ultimatum to the Iranian Football Federation.




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