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Amazon cuts off services to Iran

The Amazon corporation which is one of the largest online cloud service providers in the world, cut off its services to Iran.

Since the new round of US sanctions against Iran, many online service providers in various fields have increasingly limited their services to Iran or have completely cut off Iranian users in Iran.

In recent days, the American juggernaut has closed many Iranian accounts with an email informing them that due to Amazon’s policy of complying with US government’s sanctions and export control regulations, the company has disabled their account.

Amazon has also blocked the Iranian users’ ability to use the website by using proxy and VPN, which has led to criticism by some, including Nima Fatemi, a Network and Internet expert and a member of Tor project who tweeted to Amazon:

“If you ban all the Iranian devs from using AWS, and then other cloud companies follow suit, then where the heck are they supposed to run their proxies and VPN servers to bypass censorship and access the free and open web?”

Edward Snowden, the former NSA employee who defected to Russia also criticized Amazon for blocking services which in his view hurts the liberal opposition to the regime of Iran.



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