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Bahrain: Iran's Regime Prioritizes Interests of Terrorists over Its Own People


The foreign ministry of Bahrain once again stated that “Iran meddles in the domestic affairs of Bahrain and other Arab countries and constantly tries to create chaos, tension, and violence in the region.”

The statement was issued in response to the recent comments by the spokesman for the Islamic Republic’s foreign ministry, Bahram Ghasemi, about the recent judicial verdicts in Bahrain. Ghasemi had condemned the life sentence for Shaikh Ali Salman and two other Bahraini dissidents by the Bahrain appeals court.

The Bahrain foreign ministry stated that the comments made by Ghasemi show “Iran’s natural animosity, lack of respect for international laws and regulations, meddling in Bahrain and other Arab countries’ domestic affairs and a constant effort to create chaos, tension, and violence in the region.”

Bahrain suggests that the aim of such comments is to “cover the problems that Iranian people are facing”, problems that the foreign ministry of Bahrain believes to be caused by “the policies of Iran’s regime and its support of terrorism in the region and prioritizing the interests of terrorists over its own people.”

At the end of the statement, Bahrain emphasizes on the threat of Iran’s regime “for the region and the world” and demands that “the international community takes effective and preventive measures to force Iran to respect the international agreements and the independence and sovereignty of other countries and stop meddling in the affairs of other countries.”


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