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Head of Mossad: Stealing Iran’s nuclear documents a real world James Bond operation

Mossad director Yosef "Yossi" Cohen says the operation to steal important secret documents related to Iran’s nuclear and missile program was like a James Bond mission in the real world.

During a speech on Monday, Cohen said that “in James Bond movies, one person saves the world at the last minute again and again. In the Mossad, it’s groups of men and women”, including technology experts, engineers for getting open Iran’s safes, cyber agents and operations staff all worked together “to expose the lies of Iran’s leaders” and “prove that Iran tried to get a nuclear weapon.”

Almost a year ago, Prime Minister Netanyahu announced that Mossad agents had been able to transfer massive amounts of classified documents regarding Iran’s nuclear and missile program out of Iran. The Islamic Republic officials did not offer a clear response to this claim.

Cohen said the operation proved that “Impossible is possible and unbelievable things are achievable.”

He announced that agents in charge of the operation will receive an award from the Prime Minister on Tuesday.

A short time after the operation, President Trump left the JCPOA nuclear agreement.

Yossi Cohen also claimed that Iran is planning on sending highly precise missiles to Hezbollah through Syria in order to attack Israel.

The head of Mossad also announced that Iran is supporting terrorist groups active in the Netherlands, Germany, Turkey, and France. He added that Iran has trained 300 troops in Syria and Iraq in order to help its agenda in Africa.

Cohen also stated that Iran is responsible for the attacks on the oil tankers, and according to him, through these attacks, Iran is “trying to tell the world that it is not afraid of escalating the tensions, and if sanctions are not removed, Iran will seriously hurt the international oil market.”

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