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Hook: The US seeks global coalition to stop Iran's revolutionary expansionism

In his speech at the Asia Society on Tuesday, Brian Hook, the special US representative for Iran, said the United States will increase pressure on Iran after the attacks on Saudi Arabian oil facilities. He announced that Washington is seeking a global coalition against Tehran.

He claimed that the maximum pressure campaign has taken away $50 billion of Iran’s revenue, and called on all nations to join US efforts in cutting Iran’s revenue which funds terror groups and proxies in the region.

Hook stated that the regime of Iran has spent 16 billion dollars on its proxy groups in Iraq, Syria, Palestine, and Yemen.

Brian Hook added: “The Islamic Republic’s neverending quest to lead the Muslim world has led it to adopt a revolutionary foreign policy that is among the greatest and most overlooked obstacles to peace.”

He argued that in order to realize peace for missile east, the world needs to understand the Islamic Republic’s ideological commitment to “exporting revolution,” which the founder of the Islamic Republic, Ayatollah Khomeini announced as one of the missions of the regime: “We shall export our revolution to the world.”

The head of Iran action group explained that the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps appears on the surface to operate as a traditional military force and it benefits from the privileges of national armies, but “at its core, it’s an organization designed to protect the revolution at home, and advance the revolutionary ideology abroad. It has institutionalized terror.”

“The IRGC exports Iran’s revolution to places like Iraq, Lebanon, and Palestinian territories,” Hook said. Adding: “the regime provides up to 70 percent of Hezbollah’s budget.”

Hook listed several terrorist groups in the middle east that work directly with the IRGC and said Iran pretends IRGC is a normal military when it needs to while violating all international laws, which he claimed was why Secretary Pompeo added IRGC to the terror list.

He also criticized the UN for allowing Iran into a committee on women, when “UN knows well that Iran has no place on such committee. Women who refuse to wear a veil or hijab are punished by prison, flogging, or fine.”

He called for a global pushback against Iran’s propaganda and revolutionary expansionism. 


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