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Iran Criticizes Gulf Cooperation Council’s Closing Statement

Bahram Ghasemi, the spokesperson for the foreign ministry of the Islamic Republic, criticized the closing statement of the Gulf Cooperation Council and said that the council is following the “divisive policies” of some of the countries of the region and outside the region.

Ghasemi called Islamic Republic’s treatment by the council as non-productive and suggested that the council is under the influence of the destructive and wrong policies of some of its members.

The spokesperson for the foreign ministry claimed that the GCC has become a platform for a few of its members to announce their policies and said that the council chooses positions that “do not help peace and stability in the region at all.”

The Gulf Cooperation Council summit was held on Sunday, December 9th in Riyadh.

The closing statement of the council demands a roadmap for cooperation among the Persian Gulf countries, improving security and stability of the region, supporting the issue of Palestine, supporting Saudi Arabia’s efforts in Khashoggi’s case, and opposing Israel’s efforts in Gaza.

The statement also demands the Islamic Republic to respect its neighbors and their sovereignty and asks the international community to stop the Islamic Republic from accessing nuclear weapons. It also supports the United States’ actions against the Islamic Republic.

This is the first meeting of the GCC after Qatar’s disagreements with Saudi Arabia, Emirates, and Bahrain.



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