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Iran puts Europe on notice: Europe’s position in Security Council is alarming


The spokesman for the government of Iran, Ali Rabiei, criticized the position of European representatives at the UN Security Council regarding the Islamic Republic’s nuclear program and arms embargo.

“The positions of the three European countries in the recent UN Security Council meeting about the arms embargo is alarming for us, we hope there is no need for further notifications,” said Rabiei in his press conference on Tuesday.

“Any initiative that violates the commitments of the parties of the JCPOA will have the same result,” Rabiei added.

He also criticized European countries for supporting the US and said: “We expect them to end this policy.”

In the recent UN Security Council meeting, European countries and the United States expressed concerns about Iran’s nuclear program and urged Tehran to return to the nuclear deal.

He went on to say that the country is at its most difficult economic, political, and social situation.

Regarding the 25-year agreement between Iran and China, Rabiei stated: “We don't classify countries to East and West in our foreign policy, and the Islamic Republic does not limit itself in this area and is ready to cooperate with all countries except Israel and those who sanction us.”

When asked about the nature of the incident in Natanz nuclear site, Rabiei said: If we come to the conclusion that there was foreign intervention involved in the Natanz nuclear site incident, we will respond appropriately.

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