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Iranian Ambassador: Military Personnel Responsible For Ukrainian Plane Crash


Iran's ambassador to Kiev, Manouchehr Moradi, blamed "military" personnel for downing of the Ukrainian flight.

"Six people have been arrested, three detained and three have been released on bail," Moradi told a Ukrainian media outlet on Monday.

According to him, all military ranks, from the operator and above, have been interrogated, and "dozens" have been summoned for questioning.

Moradi refused to mention the name or position of these people on account of the non-disclosure of "classified information of the armed forces".

He added that the military court is considering the case.

Earlier, Tehran Military Prosecutor Gholam Abbas Torki announced the arrest of one of the defendants and said: "On the night of January 8, several people who were present at the time of firing at the plane were summoned for questioning."

We are under sanctions! ‌

"We will not accept every suggested amount for the compensation," said the Iranian ambassador in Kiev, following talks on compensation for the incident.

Referring to the international sanctions, Moradi added: "I beseech Ukraine and other countries’ media and officials not to raise people's expectations regarding the amount of compensation."

Earlier, Gholamreza Soleimani, director general of Iran's Central Insurance, said that European insurers must pay compensation for the plane as the Ukrainian plane was not covered by Iranian insurance.

Compensation has been the issue of dispute between Iran and Ukraine. Iran is ready to pay the compensation "based on international conventions”. But the Ukrainian president has stated that his country is not satisfied with the amount of compensation offered by Iran.

The Iranian ambassador to Ukraine says that if Kiev agrees, the next round of talks on the plane's case will be held in Tehran in October.

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