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Lebanese MP: Hezbollah Has Taken Lebanon Hostage By Order Of Iran

In reaction to the resignation of the Lebanese prime minister Mostafa Adib, a member of Lebanon’s parliament said in an interview that Hezbollah has taken Lebanon hostage and by the order of Tehran prevents the formation of a government. 

Meanwhile, a source close to French President Emmanuel Macron said the president has said France will not let Lebanon down. 

According to the source close to Macron, the president has referred to the resignation of the Lebanese prime minister Adib as treason. 

The insistence of Iran-backed Hezbollah and Amal Shiite parties over controlling the position of the Minister of Economy is the biggest obstacle in the path of the formation of the new government. 

Lebanese MP Ahmad Fatfat said in an interview with al-Hadath TV channel: “To summarize it, Hezbollah has taken Lebanon hostage, and by the order of Tehran, prevents the formation of the new government." 

Iran is Hezbollah's financial and military backer and helped it over the years to become the top power in the fractures Lebanese system. Now, the country is fiancially broke and efforts at making reforms or securing foreign assistance are met with Hezbollah's resistence.

The Islamic Republic’s state-media in Iran had referred to Adib as the agent of implementing French and American plans. 

The regime’s Tasnim news agency wrote: Lebanese forces, especially the Shia groups never thought that he intends to make fundamental changes in Lebanon’s government structure or offer any specific terms for it. But after Adib’s contradictory comments in his conversation with Lebanese parties, it became clear that he intends to implement the French plans with the direct leadership by the US and its pawn Saad Hariri in Lebanon.

Tasnim went on to say that all of Adib’s demands are aimed at removing Hezbollah from the government of Lebanon. 

Adib was appointed by President Aoun to form a government in early September, but political conflicts have so far prevented the formation of his government. 

The previous government of Lebanon was forced to resign after the horrific explosion last month in Beirut port. 

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