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Pompeo: We Want Forces of Iran, Russia, and Cuba Out of Venezuela

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo demanded the forces of Iran, Russia, and Cuba to leave Venezuela. According to Pompeo, these three countries have blocked the revival of democracy in Venezuela.

In an interview with ABC News, Pompeo said: “Russians must leave Venezuela. Iranians are also present there. They must also leave. We want all the countries that are blocking the revival of democracy in Venezuela to get out.”

Regarding the role of Cuba specifically, Pompeo said that Cuban security forces are protecting Nicolas Maduro, the current president of Venezuela. He said without the help of Cuban forces, Maduro had no chance of staying in power.

Pompeo added that although Maduro is currently in power, he cannot continue to go on. According to U.S Secretary of State, “poverty, starvation, diseased children who don’t have access to medicine... in these conditions, Maduro is not someone who can play a role in the future of Venezuela. Sooner or later this will happen. Because the people of Venezuela want him out of power.”

In response to a question about whether military intervention is possible without the permission from Congress, Pompeo said that the president has a vast range of legal powers and that he is certain that whatever they do in Venezuela will be legal.

Last week Pompeo had pointed out that although the United States prefers a peaceful transfer of power in Venezuela, but if it becomes necessary, the United States will use military intervention.



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