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Rouhani: We will forgive the past mistakes of our neighbors

Hassan Rouhani, the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran announced: “We will extend a hand of friendship to all our neighbors and are willing to forgive all their past mistakes,” adding: “We will attend the UN assembly with the slogan of the coalition of hope and Hormuz peace initiative.”

Speaking at a ceremony for the anniversary of the start of Iran-Iraq war, Rouhani said: “We will present the world with a plan in UN in which Iran can cooperate with other countries to provide security for the Persian Gulf and the Gulf of Oman and the Strait of Hormuz. We will announce to the world that the presence of foreign forces in the region is dangerous for the safety and security of navigation and oil and energy export.”

“Our logic is providing security for the Persian Gulf from within,” Rouhani said. “Those who want to blame the events of the region on Iran, all their lies have been exposed. If they are telling the truth and they are after the security of the region, they should not deploy all these weapons and planes and bombs to the region.”

In an interview with CBS on Saturday, Rouhani’s foreign minister, Mohammad Javad Zarif, claimed: “I’m not sure whether we can prevent the war. Iran will not start the war, but I’m sure whoever starts the war, will not be the one to finish it.”

Adding: “What I mean is, the war will not be a limited one.”

In response to a question about receiving a visa while under sanctions, Zarif said: “The US is obligated to issue a visa for the members of the United Nations.”

He said the attachment to his visa clearly states that he is not qualified for a visa, but he has been exempted.

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