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Araghchi: West Asia Becomes "Less Safe" Without JCPOA

Abbas Araghchi, the political deputy of the foreign minister said that no European country has accepted to host the special trade channel mechanism between Europe and Iran.

According to Araghchi, Europe is currently incapable of doing so due to pressures from the United States.

He emphasized that the Europeans have done everything they could politically, but they have been weak when it came to action.

Araghchi claimed that as long as JCPOA remains, it is considered a political and economic victory for the Islamic Republic.

He added that if the Europeans retreat, it will just undermine their credibility and security, because west Asia will become less safe without the JCPOA.

He suggested that: "If Europe considers JCPOA important to its credibility and sovereignty, they should be willing to pay the price of keeping it." 


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