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Another signatory of the letter calling for Khamenei’s resignation was arrested

On Tuesday evening, security forces arrested civil rights activist Zartosht Ahmadi Ragheb at his house in Shahriar city. He was one of the signatories of the letter of 14 activists to Khamenei calling for his resignation and changing the constitution.

The agents also confiscated his personal belongings including his cellphone.

According to the reports, at least five agents arrived at Ragheb’s house on Tuesday at 8:30 pm, broke the door, entered the house, and handcuffed him while threatening him with weapons. The agents searched the house and confiscated his personal belongings including the cellphones of him and his wife. Then they put him in the vehicle and drove to an undisclosed location. The agents even confiscated his fireman uniform. Ragheb was a fireman with 17 years on the service before he was suspended for political reasons.

An informed source told Human Rights in Iran organization that the agents used profanities and insult while entering and searching the house and did not allow Ragheb or his wife to speak.

Ragheb is the seventh signatory of the “letter of 14 activists to Khamenei” that has been arrested.

Two months ago, 14 political activists wrote a letter to the leader of the Islamic Republic, Ali Khamenei, calling for his resignation and changing the constitution, saying “the current regime is irredeemable and insists on its mistakes and adds to its tyranny,” and “the horrifying history of the regime’s past 40 years shows that there is no desire to answer to the Iranian people.”

The letter went viral online and caused a ripple effect which led to several other letters by 14 different activists calling for the resignation of the leader and transition from the Islamic Republic.

Many of the signatories of these letters have been arrested.


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