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Workers’ protests and strikes in Iran spread to teachers of non-profit schools

While the strikes in Hafttappeh and HEPCO companies continue, teachers at Iranian non-profit schools have also joined the strikes.

According to ILNA, the workers of HEPCO automobile in Arak continued their strike for the 13th day. One of the workers said they demand the CEO and upper management to step down.

Workers in Hafttappeh Sugarcane Company also continued their strike for the 64th day. The workers demand the reversal of the privatization of the company, their delayed paychecks, and the rehiring of their fired coworkers.

ILNA also reported on Monday that the teachers at non-profit schools in Iran have protested their low wages and lack of job security.

The teachers told ILNA that unlike public-school teachers, they are paid hourly and based on the minimum wage, even though they are as qualified as public-school teachers and do the same job.

They went on to say that their average income is 1.5 to 2 million tomans at best, but the average income of public-school teachers is 5.5 million tomans.

There have also been protests in Kermanshah, Borazjan, Qazvin, Khoramshahr, Mahshahr, and Shahin Shahr.


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