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Canada asks UN to pressure Iran to deliver the Ukrainian plane’s black box

After a request from Canada, the UN International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) urged the regime of Iran to speed up the analysis or delivery of the Ukrainian plane’s black box.

According to a CBC report on Tuesday, ICAOhas sent a letter to Iran demanding more pressure on the investigation committee in order to quickly analyze the content of the Ukrainian plane’s black box or send it to a country that has the capability to do so.

The Canadian Minister of Transportation told the reporters that he met with the director of ICAO to talk about the delay in delivering the black box of the Ukrainian plane.

Marc Garneau pointed out that it has been four weeks since the accident and said that Canada wants the black boxes to be analyzed as quickly as possible.

He also reported that he has talked with the Iranian minister of roads and city planning about Iran’s inability to analyze the contents of the black boxes.

ICAO has told CBC that it is reviewing reports that indicate Iran is not following the necessary actions required by the convention.

According to the International Aviation Convention, the country that leads the investigations into a plane crash must without delay facilitate the analysis of the black box. The convention also states that if the said country does not have the capability to read the black box, it must ask for help from another country.

Islamic Republic officials have offered often contradictory reasons for the delay in analyzing the black box.



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