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Hijabless Saudi women in the Streets of Saudi Arabia

In recent months, some women’s rights activists in Saudi Arabia have tried to walk in the streets without wearing conventional Islamic clothing.

France News Agency on Thursday published a photo and an interview with a 25-year-old Saudi woman who says she has been walking hijabless in the streets of Riyadh for the past four months. She says: “No one can force her to do what she doesn’t want to.”

The report also mentions another 33-year-old woman who is a human resource graduate and says she only wears Islamic attire at her work and no other public area in Riyadh.

Despite the dominant religious pressures, some women in Saudi Arabia wear more revealing clothes, and some others wear bright colors instead of the conventional black.

There are no clear laws in Saudi Arabia for mandatory hijab, and it is mostly the pressure from religious fundamentalists that is felt on this matter. Currently, Iran is the only Muslim country in the world with clear mandatory hijab laws in its constitution, even for foreign dignitaries and non-Muslims.

Mohammad Bin Salman, the crowned prince of Saudi Arabia told BBC last year that hijab traditions might become moderated. According to Bin Salman, there is no mandate for Abaye in Islam. Abaye or the Arabian Chador, is a black clothing worn in Saudi Arabia and some other Muslim countries.



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