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Zarif to Islamic Resistance: America is the Naked Emperor

During his visit to Iraq, the foreign minister of the Islamic Republic, Mohammad Javad Zarif, compared the United States to the naked emperor in the Emperor’s New Clothes story and said that the United States is terrified that the world is realizing this truth.

According to IRNA, while meeting with the representatives of the Islamic Resistance groups in the city of Karbala, Zarif stated: “The time for America to act like a god is over, and the United States cannot run and manage the world but few dare to say it.”

Zarif also claimed that it was the Hashd Al-Shaabi and resistance groups and Iraqi military who defeated ISIS and not the United States.

On Monday, Zarif met and talked with many of the current and previous Iraqi officials. He said he does not believe in any limit in relations between Iran and Iraq.

His trip takes place one day after U.S Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s trip to Iraq and his negotiations with Iraqi officials. A delegation of Iranian political and economic officials traveled to Iraq with Zarif.

On Tuesday he also visited Kurdistan region and expressed hope for better relations between Iran and Erbil and Erbil and Baghdad.


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