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US federal court holds Iran accountable for Houthis operations

A US Federal Court has ruled that the Islamic Republic is accountable for its support of Houthis in kidnapping two American citizens in 2015 and murdering one of them.

According to the court’s ruling, since Houthis would not have been able to kidnap these two American citizens, John Hamen and Mark McAlister, without Iran’s support, the plaintiffs of the case deserve to be compensated by Iran.

In October 2015, two American citizens were kidnapped in Sanaa Airport in Yemen and taking to a secret facility. Six days later, Hamen was killed by Houthis buy McAlister was kept as a prisoner for 6 months before he was released.

The plaintiffs have filed suit against the Islamic Republic of Iran based on the fact that Houthis “were not able to kidnap and keep the two American citizens without the training, financial support, guidance, and backing they receive from Iran.”

According to the court ruling, the Quds Force of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) “coordinates with proxy militant groups and provides equipment, weaponry, training, financial support, and guidance to execute terrorist attacks.”

Houthis of Yemen rebelled against the legitimate government of Yemen in 2014 with backing from Iran and were able to conquer the capital and remove the president of the country.

Since March 2015, a coalition led by Saudi Arabia has started a war with Houthis to return the legitimate government of Yemen to power.

In recent months, Houthis have increased their rocket and drone attacks against Saudi Arabian oil facilities and airports.

The Islamic Republic officially supports Houthis and Western and Arab governments say Houthis are one of the Islamic Republic’s proxy groups.



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