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Maryam Sinaiee

A British-Iranian journalist, political analyst and former correspondent of The National and journalist at Iran International
Iran's foreign ministry spokesman says Raisi administration has still to decide on make-up of team for resuming stalled nuclear talks with world powers in Vienna.
3 hours 39 min ago
Citing World Bank figures on a huge GDP fall 2017-20, Gholam-Hossein Shafei has said the government needs to revise policies to stimulate competition and encourage investment.
22 hours 49 min ago
A group of rights defenders ask the British foreign Secretary Liz Truss to sanction ten Iranians involved in imprisonment of dual nationals, including Nazanin-Ratcliff.
19 Sep 2021
Iran announced on September 19 that its foreign minister will attend the UN General Assembly and will meet with the remaining members of the JCPOA, but not with US officials.
19 Sep 2021
Iran’s leader Ali Khamenei tells athletes a bar on competing with Israelis will continue, and draws comparison with boycott of apartheid South Africa.
18 Sep 2021
A commentary in Kayhan newspaper, which is funded by the Supreme Leader’s office, sees common cause between Iran and the Taliban in resisting US domination.
18 Sep 2021
Atomic chief Eslami says Iran will undertake its own redesign to run the Arak reactor, where plutonium output was curtailed as a proliferation risk under the 2015 nuclear pact.
17 Sep 2021
European JCPOA signatories reiterate calls for Iran to respect the 2015 nuclear deal, but a veteran hardliner newspaper editor demands Tehran quit an NPT from which it gains nothing.
16 Sep 2021
The head of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran has said cameras installed by UN inspectors to monitor the 2015 nuclear deal were damaged in attack blamed on Israel.
15 Sep 2021
A report from Amnesty International lists 72 people who have died in custody in Iran in the last 11 years in circumstances that Amnesty says the authorities have not explained.
15 Sep 2021